Museum governance

The Museum is managed by a Board of Trustees. In total there are 10 Trustees: 4 are nominated by the Governor, 1 post is held by the Museum Founder (now her nominated successor) who then nominates 2 members, the final 3 members are members at large who are nominated by the other board members

The present Board of Trustees is made up of:
Seamus Day (Chair, member at large)
Dr Donald Keith (Chair Emeritus, nominated successor to the Museum Founder)
Stan Hartling (nominated by successor to the Museum Founder)
Robert Krieble (nominated by the Governor)
Desiree Lewis (nominated by the Governor)
Tom Saunders (nominated by the Governor)
Pat Saxton (nominated by the Governor)
Donna Seim (nominated by the successor to the Museum Founder)
Dr Anders Seim (son of Museum Founder, member at large)
Derek Taylor (member at large)