Cruise Ship Tours

peek behind the scenes and get off the beaten path

The Turks & Caicos National Museum is pleased to offer these very special tours for the adventurous and curious. To sign up or learn more about any of the tours please Contact Us or call 505-216-1795 (from the US this is a free call).

Once you arrive on Grand Turk, just grab a taxi and ask to be taken to the Turks and Caicos National Museum!

Private Tour of the Turks & Caicos National Museum

This exclusive tour is for those that want to hear the “rest of the story” about the Molasses Reef Wreck (the oldest wreck ever found in the western hemisphere) and the intimate details of Turks and Caicos Island life, from its first inhabitants to the salt industry to present day.

The Museum is housed in the beautiful Guinep House, an 1800’s grand home along Front Street. The second floor balcony overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, and is a prime place for whale watching during February and March!

Tourists will be given a guided tour of the first floor, which interprets the famous Molasses Reef Shipwreck. This shipwreck, a Christopher Columbus’ era ship of discovery, is the oldest European shipwreck ever discovered in the Americas! Your tour will continue to the second floor of the Guinep House, which houses information about the Salt Industry, the John Glenn exhibit, and where you will see a duho, an ancient ceremonial seat over 1000 years old and a paddle used by the Lucayans dating between AD 995 and 1235!  

After the tour, you are welcome to sit on our balcony and enjoy the wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Front Street. We also have a lovely gift shop, the Guinep House Gift Shoppe, which has many handmade items including baskets, hats and sea glass jewelry.

The Staff at the Museum can then call a taxi for you, or show you were to walk to see more of the historic district and sample local cuisine.

This tour is $25.00 per person from 1-4 people and $20.00 per person for 5 to 8 people. Reservations are required.

Private Tour of the Botanical and Cultural Garden

This tour can be combined with the Private Museum Tour, or as a stand-alone tour.  The Botanical Gardens are next door to the Museum.  Your tour will start in front of the Museum where a large Guinep Tree stands. Next, you will go to the Botanical Gardens and learn about native plants and some of the medicinal uses. Turks and Caicos Islands are home to nine plants found nowhere else in the world. Through a combined effort of Kew Gardens, UK and the biodiversity plant project in North Caicos, the Botanical Garden has obtained some of these very rare plants, which are now endangered.

Your guide will show you some very interesting architectural aspects of the garden, and can answer many of your questions associated with our unique plants. You may even be lucky enough to see our resident yellow crowned night-heron, or spot many of the beautiful butterflies that come to enjoy our garden. The shaded Ramada is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the scenery of Front Street and the Atlantic Ocean.

You can then come into the Guinep House Gift Shoppe and see some of the “garden gifts”, lovely soaps and bath salts all hand-made with scents from the garden. The bath salts have coconut, frangipani and lemon grass scents and the salt is from Salt Cay!  If you are a bird-watcher, we also have bird post cards showing some of the birds that call Grand Turk their home.

This tour is $20.00 per person from 1-4 people and 15.00 each for 5-8. If you want to combine this tour with the Museum tour, it will be $35.00 each for 1-4 people and $30.00 each for 5 to 8.Reservations and deposit are required.

Going to the Birds!

Partnering with the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, the Museum has established a variety of bird watching tours. The Grand Turk Bird Walking Tour, a Bird Driving Tour, and a bus tour — all as part of an eco-tourism tour — are all available for your birding enjoyment.  The Guinep House Gift Shop in the Museum is selling packs of bird postcards called “Flights of Fancy”, which have 6 postcards each one showing a unique bird from a different UK Territory in the Wider Caribbean.

Contact the museum for more information on this first of its kind tour!