Museum Day

Museum Day

Grand Turk - Museum Day

In November of 1991 the Grand Turk Museum opened, in November of each year the Museum holds a special celebration - A Museum Day!  We celebrate our anniversary of its opening with a range of activities.  The celebration includes food, music, story telling, raffles, silent auctions and more!  We offer special activities for children.  Our goal is to have a fun and interesting day to continue the community involvement in their museum !!   Museum Day for 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd, more information will be posted as the date is closer.

Village at Grace Bay - Back in the Day Event

In May of each year the Village at Grace Bay campus holds a "Back in the Day" event to coincide with International Museum Day.  The event holds true to the name with food, music, dance, traditional craft and dramatic perfomances.  The event focuses on knowing, practicing and passing on our cultural heritage to the next generation.