Adventurer’s Great Great Grandughter Returns

By Candianne Williams
Museum Gift Shop Manager


Diane Dibbins-Kretz is the great great granddaughter of the illustrious Jerimiah Murphy.

On Monday May 27th Diane Dibbins Kretz, the great great granddaughter of the illustrious Jeremiah Murphy, visited the museum.

Jeremiah Murphy, adventurer and pioneer of deep sea diving made Grand Turk his home from the 1850’s to the time of his death in 1895.  A new exhibit which the museum plans to create on the history of diving in the Turks and Caicos will begin with the exploits of Jeremiah Murphy as a helmet diver.

Diane is very excited about this new project and said that she will be willing to help however she can.  She loves Grand Turk and was enjoying her visit. However, snorkeling was the extent of her underwater adventures although she did not quite rule out becoming a diver at some point. You just never know. It is in the genes.