another excellent vip divers tour

Linda and Paul took time out to visit the Museum and left very pleased they had gone to the trouble. They had booked a weekend of dives through Blue Water Divers and thought that they would not be able to get to the museum between diving and cruise ships that were in port this week.

Blue Water called to arrange a “Behind the Scenes” diver’s tour. Through the dive shops, this can be booked anytime, even outside of regular hours. This is why they were so pleased.

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They were treated to an in-depth look at collections in the labs and then got a crash course on “how to read a shipwreck.” After the museum, the Director continued the tour on the dive boat, joining the couple for a 2:00 pm dive on the “Anchor” site. After a brief discussion about the history of the Grand Turk anchorage, the couple got to see even more maritime arifacts, though these were obviously not in the collections of the museum