Back Again

by Jessica Brody

During my last visit to the museum, we applied for a Pine Cay Association grant to resume the after school program. It seemed that every afternoon brought students to our door asking if the program had restarted yet and how long would it be until it did? Just a few weeks after my departure in October, our application was accepted and now we can finally answer “we’re open!” when we hear the knocks on the door. I’ve returned for 6 months to help run the program and continue some of the projects that Tiffany and I started in our visit last fall.

So far the after school program is getting a good response. One of our regular visitors contributes to the Children’s Club Blog and wrote an entry on the positive attention he received from his teachers after he properly cited the sources he used for his homework. You can view it here:

I’m also working on picking up the archives project where Tiffany left off. She ordered a shipment of supplies before she left island, and once that arrives we can store the records properly. Then I’ll continue to add the records to the database so we can find what we need every time! It’s an exciting prospect from someone who values organization and usable systems.

We’d also started the slide digitization project last time I was on island. In my absence, Aliatt has completed more than half the scanning! We’re planning great things for that collection so I’m eager to continue scanning images and prepare them for future viewings.

It has been easy to slip back into the swing of things here: I retained all the tour information and facts I’d thought I’d forgotten resurfaced with ease, driving on the “other” side of the road feels natural again, and I’ve found snorkel equipment that fits me. With the basics in place, I’m ready for another great (and productive!) visit to the National Museum.