Blasts from the Past . . .

By Pat Saxton

The Turks and Caicos National Museum was lucky enough to participate in the 50th Anniversary celebration of the splashdown of John Glenn. Appropriately named “ Splashdown Grand Turk” the week long festivities included a Stamp contest, fireworks, naming of John Glenn Drive, science fair, reception at Waterloo, educators from NASA visiting local schools, and NASA Deputy Director, Ms. Janet Petro, and retired Mercury Radar Technician, Mr. Alan Rakofsky arriving on Grand Turk!

Mr. Rakofsky told the Museum staff about life here on Grand Turk in the 1960’s. He is as spry as he was then, and now volunteers at the John F. Kennedy Space Center. We have a volunteer career for you here too Mr. Rakofsky!

Ms. Petro presented a lovely plaque to the TCNM with a first issue stamp commemorating the Mercury splashdown and subsequent trip by John Glenn into space at age 77.

Carnival Corporation spearheaded this celebration and if you are ever on Grand Turk you must stop by the Cruise Center and see the great outdoor space exhibit! New murals were installed during this 50th anniversary celebration!

The Turks and Caicos National Museum is selling commemorative pins with the 50th Anniversary logo. A small amount of pins are being sold, so if you are a NASA nut, now is your time to come to the Museum and purchase a pin! When you do, you will receive a FREE poster of the Turks and Caicos Islands seen from outer space!