cleaning fish

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This week we are taking advantage of some slow days and late ship calls to get some spring cleaning done.

Jonathon has been volunteering at the museum for the last several weeks. His parents are here as missionaries who have been rebuilding one of the Grand Turk churches following the hurricane.

At first he was just helping out in the museum shop. But we soon discovered that he has pretty good mechanical skills and is very detail oriented.

Matching volunteers to their passion is important in museums. After some training, Jonathon has become very good at the highly detailed work of dusting exhibits. Today, he showed up very early to help Joseph clean our reef exhibit.

This exhibit interprets the reef wall that surrounds Grand Turk. When coming into Grand Turk visitors can clearly see the teal blue line that surrounds our island. What you can’t see is the 1000 foot drop off the edge of the reef. Well, unless you come to the museum…
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