First You Move an Anchor . . .

By Donald H Keith
Chairman, Board of Directors

Keeping up with repairs to the historic Guinep house has always been a challenge. But usually they didn’t involve a major disruption.  When I arrived on August 17th to help with long needed work I knew I was in for a busy couple of weeks. It’s been 20 years since we installed the exhibits on the Molasses Reef Wreck in the downstairs gallery and it was long past time for freshening up.

When the team from AND Construction arrived I briefed them on the task at hand.  They laughed when I told them that first we had to move a 12 foot anchor!

Then  we moved a 10 foot bombardetta (a 15th century cannon.)

Finally, we started dismantling the exhibit.  All in preparation for removing the carpet and replacing it with wood flooring. Luckily for me they were all willing and have strong backs and a great attitude!

Check back for more updates as we continue the process.