Fred and Jackie Go On A Land Cruise

By Jackie Garbarino
Museum Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager

For quite sometime now I thought it would be educational for the museum staff to go on the bus tour that brings visitors to us from the Cruise Center.  August and September are slow months so there are usually empty seats on the buses.  Etienne LeBlanc, director of  Caribbean Tours TCI, arranged for Fred and I to do the first tour.

Fred Glinton, museum tour guide, checking out the space exhibit.

Fred Glinton is our newest museum tour guide and is always willing to do whatever it takes to improve the museum’s image.

We arrived at the center a bit early so we had time to look at the space exhibit.

We learned some interesting facts from our bus tour guide/driver.  I never bothered counting churches and bars but it seems we have 25 of the former and 50 of the latter.

Palm Grove area is our “Hollywood Hills” (more like Hollywood Flats as there is not a hill to be found in that neighborhood), and we have the most beautiful water in the Caribbean.  Now that we know!!!

Fred at the first stop…the Anglican Church on Front Street.

The guide was very entertaining and our fellow tourists enjoyed his repertoire.  I decide not to take pictures at the museum stop.  As they say “been there, done that”.

Fred and I were so believable as tourists that a staff person at the Salt House commented on how I looked exactly like Jackie from the museum.

Fred on the Caribbean Tours TCI tour bus checking out the tourist information pamphlet

Fred at the Salt House on Church Folly. Windmill exhibit is not exactly precise so we will try to keep Dr. Keith from visiting here.

Next week if seats are available Candianne, Devina and Nikki will play turista.  We found the adventure very informative to see your island with the eyes of a visitor.