Geocaching – A little more popular than we thought

This morning we had two geo cachers stop by the museum off the Holland America Eurodam. Known on as Teampolarbear and Papoosky, these two guys have registered over 1500 caches by downloading the information from the geocaching website into their Ipods and then using Garmen GPS units to locate the various caches that are in the places they travel.

They were looking for three today: the museum, the lighthouse, and a new one at, I think, the Salina House. They rented a golf cart and were off the ship early. They were the first two people at the museum. I noticed them looking around the front of the museum when I came into work, and knew immediately what they were looking for.

I thought they were just the third geocachers to come to the museum since the “cruising cachers” (see blog entry on Dec 9) left the cache. They told me, however, that many people have signed the log. I looked on the website and to my surprise, 18 people have logged the visit and some have put up pictures standing at the museum with staff. An added bonus, they said very nice things about the museum.

Though the guys today were having a great time on Grand Turk, they did say that their wives had stayed behind at the cruise center to “shop.” I wonder if they were shopping, or just NOT “geo caching.”