Gift Shop Makeover

By Jackie Garbarino
Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager

Our wonderful carpenters…we ask and they deliver a precise and finished product.

In for a penny, in for a pound…as long as we have expert help in the house why not steal a bit of their time and a lot of their expertise.

All the shop staff:  Candianne, Devina and myself sketched out a plan to revise the shop to make room for the new entrance.

Ready for the changes.


Candianne, Pat and myself were on hand for the dismantling, construction, the usual need to change plans a bit and then putting it all together.

Gift shop stripped down and ready for a nip and a tuck.  The window will become a door and offer a direct entrance to the gift shop.  The door is on order so while we wait for its arrival, we decided to  rearrange the shop to accommodate the new entrance.

The map room has become the map and book room, the Kid’s Corner has a new corner and the salt, jewelry and baskets have more space for display.

Candianne Williams, assistant museum manager, cheerfully steps out of a management job description to provide some expert painting.

Our first customers in the well organized shop. The combination of Candianne’s salesmanship and the pleasant surroundings resulted in a successful transaction. In other words, these ladies spent some money!

We even have a proper post for the cash register and credit card terminal.

Come in and check out our new look!