Holiday Party

By Jackie Garbarino
Museum Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager

What would the holiday be without a party!?!  And this one was to thank all our staff and volunteers for working so hard these past four months.  Not everyone could be there but we still want to thank everyone.

In the picture are Ann Dempsey, Candianne Williams, Nikki Jennings, Alessio Girotti, Pat Saxton, Melanie Clifton-Harvey (she ducked down as I took the picture but I know she was there!), Joseph and Johnnie, Donald Keith, Deborah Kigozi, Derek Taylor and Claude Bagot.

The food and the company were fantastic

Missing are Pat Cassidy, Catherine Foley,  Mitchell Loeb, Katja Rauber, Stephanie Human, Neil Saxton, Meg and Gordon Ward, Daniel Oselette, Roger Hartley, Barry and Gwen Garbarino, Hedley King and me. Someone had to take the picture.

Let me know if I have forgotten you and I will offer a sincere apology and claim old age as the culprit.  You have no idea how much we appreciate all that you have done to spruce up the museum!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!