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Some of the after school regulars knocked on the office door last week. They had brought me their grade cards to see. Each one of them had raised a letter grade this term. One of them was in the first position for her class.

They also asked to use the offices to study for an exam. I explained to them how proud I was of all their hard work, but they knew that the program had ended. I asked them where they went to do their homework before they came to the museum.

“We didn’t do it,” they said in unison.

Well, we can’t have that. I let them up to the office one last time.

Jessicas last blog|173

Today I left Grand Turk — again. And once again I reviewed all that we had accomplished.

The past few months has seen a lot of hard work and a lot of successes. I think we’ve averaged completing one big project per month while I’ve been on-island. I’m always astounded at what can be accomplished with a little resourcefulness and a lot of outside support. From the GT-4 excavation to the March 20th event to the Children’s Club program to the conservation projects now underway, everything relies on the support of the museum’s extended community.

It has been a true privilege to work with the museum staff and volunteers and interact with its members. The passion here is contagious and inspiring and I will carry its example throughout my career. Having played a small part in this community, I certainly can’t leave it – tomorrow I will become a member.

Best to all,