junior wardens and lionfish

by Davis Hitch

common lionfish|179

Lion fish, the hunters of the sea. Stealth ninjas of fish.

This week I’ve been participating in the Junior Wardens Program, a DECR program which has been taking place at the National Museum. Today we learned and practiced the art of C.P.R. and listened to a presentation about the invasive lion fish.

junior warden lionfish|178

My father, the directer of the museum, set up a tent outside. We were brought some lion fish and started to dissect them. It was disgusting but fun. We’d take a knife to its stomach and cut till our hearts content. We were required to cut out the stomach and reproductive organ to see if it was a boy or girl. We looked at the contents of the stomach. Many people almost fainted. All in all it was fun and an exiting time.