Plein air painting at the museum

by Shalomar Forbes

Yesterday was Amazing!!! I have worked here at the TCI National Museum during my summer break from the art department at Barry University for 3 years, two of which as their Graphic Designer; yesterday, however will be my most memorable.

plein air painting|252
Two days ago I was asked to conduct a plein-air painting seminar at the museum, I was caught off guard at first when Dr. Neal Hitch asked me, but I have to admit, the excitement kept me anxious through out the night; looking forward to spending time with the kids at Children’s Club.

Yesterday, I hosted about 21 kids that were excited to get the ball rolling on our activities for the day. Expressing creativity through the prospect of being able to create beauty with the simplest of things was to be a new adventure for their imagination and an enlightenment to their capabilities. Watching them laugh and become amazed at their creations made me feel as if I would enjoy doing this for a very long time.

Prior to engaging in events with the kids at kids club, I have never entertained the idea of teaching art to children, or that it would be so wonderfully fun and exciting doing so.

After our painting sessions, we went in the ocean to cool off, jumping and splashing and playing… What a day. By the time I got home, the activities of yesterday were still stamped in my memories like a colorful home movie. I am still smiling at the memory today.