Reclaim, Reuse and Recycle Bird Style! Even our Resident Night Heron is “Going Green”

By Pat Saxton
Museum Administrator

Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. Photo courtesy Greg Lavaty

Every morning I come into work, our resident Yellow-crowned-Night Heron (which I call Big Bird) sits on the wall along the Science Building. I had not seen him in a few days and was worried because there are some cats around. Then, last week, Jackie pointed out to me that he had a nest, over the exposed water tank in the lot next door. So now every morning I take a look and a listen to make sure Big Bird and family are ok. Last night when I was leaving work, I noticed only one Heron sitting by the nest, so I was a bit concerned.

Ahhh but my concerns were soon dashed as I came around to the front of the Museum. There, sitting and pecking at the old carpet Joseph had taken out of the Museum was Mr. Big Bird. He didn’t see me, so I stood and watched as he pulled and pulled at the strings of raveled carpet. Soon a long piece broke off, and away he went, walking at first with this large piece of “string” dragging behind him.

It sure was a funny site and I had to keep from laughing out loud. Perhaps he knew someone was watching, because he took off over the wall, and looked like a kite, with a long string attached! I guess the new “digs” must be comfortable, because this morning I saw Mr. and Mrs. Big Bird sitting by their nest, perhaps admiring their interior decorating!

By the way, soon we will have our Bird Walking and Bird Driving Trails marked throughout Grand Turk. The Museum and the Botanical Garden are both part of these tours, so be sure to stop by and watch the birds in their natural habitat within our garden, and on the beach.