Renovations at Guinep House

By Pat Saxton

Last year we had the good fortune to be awarded a grant  from the Grand Turk Cruise Center/TCI Government Infrastructure Fund and a most welcomed donation from the TCI Government. Together they are providing the Museum the funds needed to do some much needed and long anticipated repairs to the aging Guinep House.

AND Construction was awarded the contract and work got began August 12.  Our list is a long one and includes:

  • wood flooring main gallery downstairs
  • decking on the second floor balcony
  • renovating the old kitchen, including new steps, painting and eventually new exhibits
  • 2 new windows downstairs
  • 2 new windows upstairs
  • painting throughout museum
  • new carpeting upstairs
  • repairs upstairs to fix a tripping hazard
  • new exit through the gift shop
  • new entrance to ease traffic in museum
  • new pathway to the science building
  • Gazebo tea garden between Guinep house and Science building
  • generator system for both buildings
  • more work in the botanical and culture garden including putting the old chimney back together to show how an traditional TIC kitchen looks from the outside.

We will be working on each repair in between visits from cruise ship passengers, but by November it should all be done.  Keep up with our progress and the usual surprises on our blog. But more important, come visit and see for yourself our facelift.