Setting the Donkey Cart Free

By Jackie Garbarino
Museum Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager

The work to free the donkey cart started in November and ended in the New Year. It took weeks of work to remove the overgrowth of mother- in-law tongues along the front and side of the museum building. Each plant has a deep thick root resembling a large carrot and it must all be removed to prevent these mothers from sprouting again.

The donkey cart waits patiently

As you can see in the picture at left, they had grown to the edge of the narrow walkway so there was no way the cart could pass.

We hope we have defeated these mothers but time will tell.  Joseph remains vigilant.

Joseph is also cultivating a small kitchen garden. The neighbor behind the museum has donated a papaya seedling and gave us each a papaya from the mother plant. It was the sweetest treat and we both hope our plant bears similar delicious treats.

Cleaned up and ready to go.