Talking Taino Event Great Success

by Jessica Brody

This Friday’s event with Betsy Carlson, author of Talking Taino, was a great success. Betsy signed copies of her book and she and her team of archeologists revealed the artifacts uncovered at this week’s dig on GT-4, the 4th Lucayan site discovered off Cork Tree Beach, Grand Turk. We learned how the island people used small conch shells to break the foot off of larger conch shells releasing the meat. Talk about using what nature gave you!

Also on the site were bits of 1800 and 1900 pottery which may be evidence of Cork Tree Plantation. Rory told stories about how much easier it was to distinguish the familar china patterns from the tiny Lucayan beads. People were astounded by how very careful you had to be not to mistake the pre-historic artifacts with rocks!

The night wrapped up with some acoustic music accompaniment from Allesio. Thanks to all who attended and helped make the night a success!