The Case of the Unnamed Queen

By Jackie Garbarino
Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager


The Problem: 3 Queens Named,1 Queen unnamed.

In November 2012 the sponsors for Queen Elizabeth II’s original portrait restoration requested the portrait be returned to Provo for naming.

When the four portraits were initially restored, three had original name plates and these were incorporated in the restoration.

Elizabeth never had a name plate and so she slipped through the proverbial cracks.


She who has been named.

As luck would have it Mitchell Loeb, half of the 2 sponsors, is also the museum’s volunteer pilot. So the queen had first class transport again to Provo and return.

Ian Worth, the artist of Greensleeves, added the name in style and provided the service as a donation to our museum.

So thanks to Catherine Foley & Mitchell Loeb the flying sponsors and Ian Worth the craftsman, Queen Elizabeth II is back, named and greeting our guests as they climb the stairs.