The Man with the Light-House

Lighthouse restorer and iron founder Gary Knappenberger arrived on Grand Turk February 18th to spend a few days with Donald Keith and Sherlin Williams examining the “light room” of the Grand Turk lighthouse and elements of the light at the Museum.

Sherlin and K 01 Sm

Sherlin Williams and Gary Knappenberger examining the Grand Turk Lighthouse light room.

Gary will use his measurements and photographs to reproduce parts of the light that we need to complete our exhibit. The Museum has had the Fresnel lens on exhibit and the clockwork mechanism that rotated the lens in storage for many years.

K and Sherlin 01 Sm

Sherlin and Gary looking at the clockworks for the Fresnel lens.

The new exhibit we are planning to complete and install this summer will reunite the old team—the lens, light, clockwork, and pedestal—and make them fully operational. The exhibit will be enhanced further by recreating the light room itself.

View from the Top 1 Sm

An amazing view from the top of the Grand Turk lighthouse.