The Work Continues in the Museum Gift Shop

By Jackie Garabino
Museum Gift Shop and Volunteer Manage

Catherine, the master of restoration, is going to make these shelves shine.

The work continues to transform the shop and kitchen area. Catherine is the champion restorer of all things decrepit! Catherine, Joseph and I will move the restored shelving back into the kitchen and work on dismantling that shelving in the middle room.



Mitchell and Joseph studying the intracacies of door dismantling.






The idea of a map and book middle room is coming into reality. Mitchell and Joseph removed the door and brought my desk into the kitchen area. Joseph had to saw off part of the desk, but you do what you must to make it fit.

Pat Cassidy making like a government worker stamping bags. Paper of course because we are "going green."





Pat Cassidy can stamp and sell without working up a sweat.  She said she felt more like a prisoner stamping out license plates.  Maybe we need to improve working conditions at the museum….hmmm.



Vladimir and his sidekick inspect their work.

What’s especially exciting is that our new alarm system is finally complete. The guys said they stand by their system, which means is it tough and ready!