too much time at the museum

Kevin family|153

A family from New York came by the museum today to spend a few minutes, but wound up being here so long they could not catch a cab back to the cruise center.

After going through all of the exhibits, Keven and his son Keion struck up a conversation with the director of the museum about spoiled children and the benefits of foreign travel. Seeing the world sometimes allows your children to see how really spoiled they are in the US.

This discussion turned into a discussion about life, internet, and connection. This turned into everyone getting to check their email in the museum offices which is just a little difficult on the cruise ship.

Finally, Laurell and Deloris came back to say they were still sitting in the heat waiting for a cab!

After such a great day at the museum and a great conversation, we drove the family back to the cruise terminal with plenty of time to look around before re-boarding.

How could we not do this…It was also Deloris’ birthday today!

Happy Birthday, we are glad you had a good time with us today.