What do Pirates and Birds Have in Common?

By Jackie Garbarino
Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager

Cordelia the guide (left) with our faux prirate birders!

Cordelia the guide (left) with our faux pirate birders!

The old saying that you can’t tell a book by its cover proves true one more time.  Our first bird tour guests of 2013 arrived on the Majesty of the Seas that was chartered for fans of Heavy Metal music.  Cordelia, their guide reported that Charlie was very knowledgeable about birds and particularly good at spotting them.  He brought along his own binoculars but we provided the ladies with them.

It seemed almost all the cruisers we saw were dressed in black so the black pirate hat was an easy sale for Candianne.  An interesting day at the museum.  Candianne is the photographer which is why it is not blurry!  I emailed the pictures to our birders also for a Grand Memory on Grand Turk.