Yes, we take credit cards Part 1

By Jackie Garbarino
Museum Gift Shop and Volunteer Manager

Well, soon we will take credit cards. First we have to get the internet working in the gift shop. Again our volunteers to the rescue.

The internet elf . . . how to get a signal through these thick walls he asks?!?

Dan Boucher came all the way from Canada to help us out. Dan is a friend of Mitchell Loeb in the sort of Panama hat. Mitchell and Catherine spend most of their winters here. Mitchell has a plane and tomorrow he goes to Provo to pick up Catherine, and he is going to bring back 300 feet of Ethernet cable saving the museum $93! Price in Provo $42, price in GDT $135…not exactly priceless!

More to come.

At the end of the day the volunteers gathered on the front porch for a well deserved break.

Coffee and pastry on the balcony provided by the workers… it can’t get better than this! Finbar Dempsey and Meg Ward are in the chairs. Gordon Ward (who happens to be the chief justice and helped put up the curtain but does not want to be named) is on the bench beside Meg’s chair, then Mitchell, Dan and Ann.