Kenlove’s Childrens Club Blog – Sea Glass

Today Tuesday the 13 of July as we usually have the museum kids program we started at 1:00pm as we usually do. We came to the national museum and we were sitting in the shade behind the museum. We were sitting in chairs under a tent. There Dr. Neal Hitch gave a little talk about the sea glass and he told it was shipped to the TCI from the states as drinks for the US Navy, and after they have finished drinking the drink they would throw the bottles into the ocean.

sea glass class|188
The most rare of them all was the Heineken bottle which is a very light green colour bottle. Dr. Hitch gave us a little talk on how the bottle got there shape. He told us how the bottles came and how it was for them to get the way it is and why it was shipped to the TCI. And after we heard from Dr. Neal hitch we heard from Mrs. Hitch who gave us an example of the type of glass we need to make the jewelry with. And Mrs. Deneen Hitch gives us a demonstration on how to make a necklace with sea glass. After the talk and everything we had a snack and everyone was fed. Then we took the chairs upstairs and there the counselors were given a group of 2-4 students to watch over. After every group had gone in the workshop they were given a chance to choose what type of jewelry they wanted to put on their necklaces.

The sea glass that was used was from the sea when we went to the Oasis Divers Dive Shop. We had a great time today. The kids had so much fun with making the jewelry. While we were making the jewelry Mrs. Hitch said who ever needed help in tying their jewelry could come to her. Each group had help from their leader and if the leader did not know what to do then Mrs. Hitch helped them with what was given them a problem. It was very easy to make after making the necklace we gave a little post card to each of the kids and they painted them until it was time to go.