Kenlove’s Childrens Club Blog

Kenlove and friend|185On Tuesday the 6th of July we the national museum went to the Oasis Dive Shop where we go to snorkel with the kids club. We broke off into groups with a counselor watching three or four children. We had supervisors and junior counselors to tell the kids what to do. Each supervisor had about 3-5 children. We left the National Museum at 1:00 so we could go to the Oasis Divers Dive Shop.

It was so exciting that as soon as we arrived we got our snorkel gear and we went snorkeling. Dr. Neal Hitch, the director, took some of the best swimmers and did a snorkel test with them all. The stronger swimmers were taken out to the bio reef, an artificial reef made to preserve damaged coral. The weaker swimmers stayed closer to the beach to look for sea glass.

The group that went out to the bio rock were out for a long time. Kids who were hungry went up to eat at our cookout. After that, we just hung out and swam. When it was time to go we came out of the water and we put clothes on and went back into the cars to leave.

Museum: What did I like best about the snorkeling?
Kenlove: What I like mostly about the snorkeling is the gear we were using and we were allowed to find sea glass so we can make necklaces.

Museum: What I like about helping with the program?
Kenlove: I like everything about it because I was a counselor and when I talked to the kids they would listen to everything I had to say.

Museum: What are we going to do next week?
Kenlove: Next week we are kayaking in the North Creek. I expect this trip to be a fun and exiting time.