Kids Club Goes Kayaking!

We had a fabulous day! Martin was the photographer extraordinaire! The kids had a ball. Thanks to Nikki for organizing and Oasis who donated everything but the tips!

Our happy Kayaking adventurers waiting for the last few to arrive before we hop on the bus and head for the North Creek. Yay! Turks and Caicos National Museum Kid’s Club!

Lots of happy smiles peeking out the windows of our blue bus. We are all ready for a grand day and of course adventure. The first adventure was a flat tire on the way to North Creek! But we managed to arrive right side up and happy.

First excitement of the day, besides the flat tire, upside down jelly fish floating all along the edge of the dock.

We are reassured that the upside down jelly fish do not sting, Judelane, our junior counselor, relayed the comforting information.

Time to get our life jackets fitted and snapped up tight.

Some of the jackets came in very pretty colors and everyone gets to choose.

The S on this happy campers jacket stands for speed! An athlete in the making.
Captain Mark watching as the first kayaks cross the creek to the mangroves. The point of the lesson is to go in a straight line!

Paddles up! Treat your paddle with respect, it can harm someone if you are not in control of your paddle.

Waiting patiently to climb into the yellow glass bottom kayaks. How Cool!

Donna and Tanya, our first moments floating, life is good! And the water is crystal clear!

Dr. Tomas and son, lead the way! Notice how expertly he holds his paddle!

Captain Mark addresses the group and teaches us all about mangroves. Crossing the creek was successful. Only one of the kids had kayaked before and we were almost pros already. The boats were quite stable and the weather fabulous.

Anupside down jelly fish! Want to hold one? The funniest event of the day was when Tanya, eager to hold a jelly fish, let go dropping it onto the floor of our kayak! Ugh!  Sting or no sting, not something you want in your boat. Our very kind guide removed it!

We hit the beach! Could the water be more beautiful?

Very proud kayakers! Perfect day, perfect water!

Nature walk, lessons about the bush and local plants. We learned a lot!

A sea cucumber, strange creature that grows in your hands. Unique feeling!

A sea urchin scooped out of the sea, alive and well. You can feel the prickles moving as  you hold it in your hand.

This is also a sea urchin but he is the nasty type. Don’t step on his spikes because if you do you will find yourself in bed for a month!

A live conch! Time for a true taste of the sea!

Whoopee! After all that paddling and learning it is time to jump into the refreshing turquoise water.

Time to paddle back to the dock, and on the way back a big boat came by and made us a big wave! We arrived right side up, no problem! Ya, Mon, thanks to Captain Mark and his crew, we were well trained.

A Huge thank you to Oasis divers who donated the excellent boat, fabulous Captain and guides, and the wonderful Blue bus that brought us back home both safe and happy to the museum!