Making Baskets The Traditional Way

By Cordelia Creese
Children’s Club Coordinator

Children's Club participants -- all smiles!

Children’s Club participants — all smiles!

The third meeting of the Museum children’s club was held on Saturday May 18, 2013. Our theme for this session was” Basketry”. Nine children attended and four adults.

We all tried very hard to follow our instructor, Isabell Brown, and create our fish.

Getting the hang of it.

Getting the hang of it.


A little help from Isabelle.

It took a lot of time and effort to be moderately accomplished in the fine art of weaving.

We all had such a great time in this very engaging session that three hours sped by without notice.

Beautiful results.

Beautiful results.









Our session ended with a short vote of thanks to Isabell by Andrew Clark.

The children’s club is extremely grateful to Ms. Brown for her donations of thatch, and samples of her work in basketry.

We will need many, more sessions to perfect our skills.