Snorkeling and a Cookout

Saturday’s snorkeling program was one of the best Children Club programs of the summer. We had twice as many people as last year – nearly 30 kids!

snorkeling 0|180
Oasis Divers donated 2 dive masters and snorkel and safety equipment and the Grand Turk Cruise Center approved the use of the roped off swim area for to help make the day a success.

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After a short discussion on the 18th century cannon and anchor that lay off the beach the children were divided into 2 groups based on their swimming skills.

snorkeling 2|182snorkeling 3|183






The inexperienced swimmers were introduced to the snorkel to the snorkel equipment and basic swimming safety, and then led in a swimming lesson while the more advanced swimmers swam over an 18th century cannon.

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The children were extremely excited to use the snorkel gear and see the underwater life. Many commented that this was the “best day ever” and all were disappointed that the next snorkel excursion wouldn’t be until next summer.