Tuesday with Tuvol – Swimmng in the Ocean

Tuvol snorkeling|186

By Tuvol Higgs

Today was the beginning of the Children’s Club at the museum. I was so interested in going swimming and finding more sea glass. The trip was long in the back of a pickup, but I did it. I learned how to snorkel and swim. I found a big conch shell and a lot of sea glass to add to my collection. After the swimming lesson, I wanted to go and see the biorock. But I was not ready so, a few more swim lessons for me before I go so far out!

I went and helped Mrs. Hitch with the little kids. After we were done swimming, I went on land and helped with the grill. I made hot dogs for everyone after which I went and cleaned up with the others.

When we were done, Kenlove and I packed up everything, got everyone together, and headed for the truck. The vehicle we were in was way in the back, so we took a little short cut and got to the museum first.

This was the best day ever on the beach for me…all because of the museum!