What I did on Saturday May 8, 2010

By Kenlove

It was a bright and sunny day on Saturday May 8th 2010. I like going to the Museum to see my friends Dr. Neal Hitch and Jessica. But this Saturday was very different because we made arrangements to go out with the children of the Museum Children Club. I was happy because I was chosen to go along as a supervisor for the kids. I helped with arranging all the food and managing the children.

Aliatte, one of the museum staff, was preparing the food when I came in and I helped her with everything she was doing. She was happy because they were about to go to Oasis Divers dive shop. After we were finished, I took the food and put it in the back of the truck and we left. We went to the Oasis Divers shop and there we met our Oasis friends and we went snorkeling. We used goggles and floats and went out. I saw a squid hiding in a hole. It was looking at me.

We made jokes with some of the people who were working at the Oasis Divers shop. First the boys went into the water. After a few minutes we went back to where we started and switched snorkeling gear with the girls, who were waiting on us. They swam to the same place we went. We swam to a point where we looked at an anchor that was under the water. It was close to dock where the cruise ships are always tied to. It was a very fun time for every one. We came out of the sea and we went and got something to eat.

Tuvol was cooking Hotdogs and I was serving the children. They were too excited. When they finally calmed down, Dr. Hitch was talking and asking everyone how much fun they had.

Everyone was happy until it was time to go home. Then it started raining. When the time was up to go I was so playing around that I didn’t even realize it. Before we left, Tuvol and I took some pictures together with some friends that were with us. That was so much fun. I never had that much fun in my life. I mean like being Happy for a few minutes in my life. I wish I could go on another field trip like that again.