After School Homework Program

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30 May 2009 – Funded through two Pine Cay Project grants, the after-school program opened the museum’s facilities to high school and college-age students who needed assistance getting school assignments completed owing to hurricane damage to both homes and other institutions, such as the local library. The program provided access to computers, printers, and copiers in a time when most did not have internet or libraries for research, or even electricity. This took place in the office/library of the museum.

This program ran for six months.It was started in November and continued until the end of May. Dinah Samuelson, an intern, ran the program and while she offered minor tutoring help and answered questions, her main responsibility was to facilitate and oversee the program. The program achieved its objective to have 2-4 students a day, to see an increase in grade marks specifically from this program, and to create a safe haven for students in a post-hurricane environment.