Ft. George Archaeological Survey

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8 November 2009 – With a license from the DECR, the blessings of the National Trust, support of the National Museum, funding from private donors, and leadership by Ships of Discovery, the archaeological exploration of Ft. George Cay began on October 23 and ended two weeks later on November 6, 2009. The exploration team was composed of seven individuals with local knowledge and expertise in archaeology, architecture, metal detecting, and photography.

Impetus for this project began in 2008 with the realization that after decades of casual artifact collecting, limited historical research, and mapping, there were still no answers to even simple questions such as: How big is the site? Is it confined to Ft. George or are the surrounding cays also involved? Which military units occupied the fort? How much of the site has been lost to the sea? Were British soldiers buried on the cay? The archaeological exploration of Ft. George Cay is only one part of a larger effort that includes, or will include, on-going archival research, artifact conservation and analysis, museum exhibit preparation, public relations, and management planning designed to make Ft. George accessible to the public without destroying its natural beauty in the process.