Museum Day 2009

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28 November 2009 – Today the Turks & Caicos National Museum celebrated its 18th anniversary with a two-day event. One day focused on children’s activities and one day focused on an adult program. The weekend was marked with tremendous rain storms that affected all programming, resulting in a low turnout on Saturday and the postponement of the Sunday program to Tuesday December 1, 2009.

The children’s program day began with a tour of the Museum. They also received a hands-on lesson about the conservation of iron artifacts, which focused on learning about the various weights of cannon balls. At the end of the tour the children had 30 minutes to complete a quiz that was based on their museum experience.

The next event that followed was the “Wrecking” hunt where the children were paired and a staff person was assigned to monitor them while on their scavenger hunt. While the “Wrecking” Hunt was going on we had face painting for the rest of the children who were waiting.

Children were excited and were eager to go on their quest to find the treasure. Their favorite part was at the end of the quest where they had to go up the slide that was built in the science building using new filing cabinet card board boxes. When they crawled to the top of the slide they had to draw a donkey attached to a salt cart. At the end of that the team had to slide down the slide.

The postponed adult program for Museum Day was a great program. The event was held in the science building and the labs and classroom were open with several rare artifacts on display. A brief presentation was delivered about the Fort George Cay archaeological project. One guest commented that it was the “best event” they had ever attended at the museum.