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EcoCamp Day 3 |

By Amy Avenant Environment Outreach Coordinator, DECR We started the day with a turtle conservation and tagging information session hosted by DECR Environmental Officer Katharine Hart. In light of our talk, we decided to clean up our beach to ensure the health of the lovely waters and creatures that call it home. A community member 

EcoCamp Day 2 |

By Amy Avenant Environmental Outreach Coordinator, DECR It was great fun today on EcoCamp Day 2. We boarded Reef Peepers for a boat ride (a first for some of us!) and snorkeling! We saw many little fish hanging about and one BIG fish too, a territorial barracuda. After lunch, we learned to swim and improve 

EcoCamp Day 1 |

By Amy Avenant Environmental Outreach Coordinator, DECR EcoCamp Day 1 on Grand Turk started with an ice breaker as we all got to know each other. Kids participated in a poster workshop to illustrate what the term “environment” means to them. We explored the museum and learned about the coral reef and Mr. Glinton gave 

Children’s Club Gets Funky |

Children’s Club took place in mid-November, just in time to make some lovely Thanksgiving frames and to learn how to play the rip-saw from Grand Turk’s own “Zues”. All the children got a chance at trying to play the saw! The music was great and a fund time was had by all!

Children’s Club Summer Camp 2015 |

Summer Camp 2015 August 24-28, was a huge success! On the agenda numerous educational outings to keep our 8-12 year old campers smiling, inquiring and laughing as we started camp bright and early. With 4 days to see Grand Turk, the campers set out by foot, trolley and boat. First day they learned about our 

Tying Knots with the Children’s Club |

by Nikki Jennings Children’s Club Coordinator On December 13th the TCNM Children’s Club hosted Mr. Hartley Squires, who came to teach us nautical rope knots. We learned 6 knots, including the clove hitch for which Hartley especially made a wooden pylon so we could practice that knot. In the photographs you see Chelsea Been practicing 

Children’s Club Visits Grand Turk Airport |

By Nikki Jennings Children’s Club Coordinator The Museum Children’s Club is always looking for new ways we can explore and learn about our islands, our history, our culture and environment. Over the years we have studied the sand on our beaches, found and measured all the cannons on Grand Turk, made a model of Front 

December Cleanup in time for Christmas |

By Cordelia Creese Children’s Club Coordinator In keeping with the tradition of cleaning in December for Christmas, two club members met at the dock in North Creek to clean the shore and land near the shore of the dock. We removed many cans, oil bottles, clothing, plastic bags, and wood from the area. We were 

Grand Turk Gets A New Landmark |

By Nikki Jennings Children’s Club On November 26th the JAGS MacCartney International Airport entrance hall was taken over by Museum members, members of the Museum Board, and the parents and children of the Museum’s Children’s Club for a ceremony to unveil the mosaic “Grand Turk”.  Our friends who follow the blog know the artwork was 

The Holidays are Coming – Making Ornaments |

By Cordelia Creese Children’s Club Coordinator Making Christmas ornaments was just awesome!! We truly enjoyed our meeting on Saturday, November 9, 2013. Seven members attended the meeting and we made simple, beautiful and delicate ornaments for Christmas trees. We are very grateful to Mrs. Nikki Jennings and Mrs. Cecile Wennick for showing us how to