Grand Turk Gets A New Landmark

By Nikki Jennings
Children’s Club

On November 26th the JAGS MacCartney International Airport entrance hall was taken over by Museum members, members of the Museum Board, and the parents and children of the Museum’s Children’s Club for a ceremony to unveil the mosaic “Grand Turk”.  Our friends who follow the blog know the artwork was this year’s Children’s Club Summer Project.


The unveiling of the mosaics project on November 26th at the Grand Turk airport. Photo by Martin Seim.

Pat Saxton, Director of the Turks and Caicos National Museum Foundation, opened the ceremony.  She was followed by Donna Seim, author of the book “Where is Simon, Sandy?” whose entire profit goes towards supporting the Museum Children’s Club.  Donna said the mosaic project was a perfect coming together of the club’s mission to encourage learning the history, the culture, and the natural environment of these beautiful islands and it was also about having fun.  Also speaking were Lisa Wandres, mosaic artist and part-time Grand Turk resident, who taught the children how to convert their drawings of Grand Turk into glass mosaics and Shivago Missick, the manager of the airport, who pulled the names of two of the children out of a hat.  With a flourish, Children’s Club members Kentrelle Prospere and Andrew Clarke tugged down the sheets unveiling the mosaics for all to see.

The mosaics were greeted with claps and cheers and astonishment from the children themselves, who could barely believe how beautiful their artwork is.  The artwork is now a permanent part of the airport and is sure to give great pleasure to all who go through its’ halls.

The Museum Children’s Club is open to all children on Grand Turk between the ages of 8 and 12.  The club meets once a month, inviting children to discover the history and culture, flora and fauna of the Turks and Caicos.  There is also a yearly Summer Program in which one topic is studied in depth for a week.