Grand Turk Engraved Bricks

The museum invites the community to help support the museum on Grand Turk by purchasing engraved bricks.  Engraved bricks purchased for Grand turk will be placed around the museum and in the garden.  

All proceeds from Grand Turk brick purchases will be used for the operations, projects and exhibits for the
Grand Turk Museum

Engraved bricks are currently available in three sizes.

Engraved bricks are can be used to honor your friends and family, remember loved ones, endorse your business, commemorate special occasions or give as a gift.

Purchase & Payment Methods Available for Grand Turk

*Visit the Grand Turk or Provo gift shop
     Forms are available in the gift shop
     You can pay by cash or credit

*Call us with your credit card information
    Complete the Brick Purchase form and email to
    Call us with your credit card information and we will manually run the charge and email you
a copy of the receipt.
                   US Phone #786-220-1159 or Local 649-247-2160
                   Best time to call is Monday –Thursday 9am to 2pm

*Send payment using MoneyGram
     Send to MoneyGram on GRAND TURK
     Send to Turks & Caicos National Museum C/O Michael Pateman
sure to include Michael’s name as ID must be shown for us to pick up the money)
Email the reference number they give you and the completed Grand Turk Brick Purchase form to       
Most CVS or Walmarts provide MoneyGram services - You can check online at to find one near you

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us by email or at 649-247-2160 or  786-220-1159