Where is Simon, Sandy?

Where is Simon, Sandy?

Where is Simon, Sandy? written by Donna Marie Seim and illustrated by Susan Spellman is the story of a little donkey that wouldn't quit.

The setting is Grand Turk, the capitol of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is published by Publishing Works in Exeter, New Hampshire in cooperation with the Turks and Caicos National Museum. It is a folktale from the islands which has been passed down by word of mouth but has never been written down as a story before.  All sales of the book support the Children's Club at the Museum.

In the story, the little donkey knows the way and continues to do her route of water deFront cover of WISS|18livery when her master is unable to come with her. The children in the town follow her as she goes from gate to gate. They follow her to the doctors house and she then leads them all back to Simon.

Oh no, Simon has tripped and sprained his ankle! The doctor bandages his foot and tells him he must stay off it until it mends.The children offer to help fill the pails of water from the well, hitch Sandy to her cart and to and deliver the water to the towns people.

Then one day Simon's foot gets better. The children are sad so, Simon lets the children come along that day and the next day and every day after that! And so if you are lucky enough to visit this island in the Caribbean you may see an old man, a donkey, a cart full of pails brimming with water and a parade of children singing and dancing.

This delightful children's book has received the Mom's Choice Award, GOLD in the category of Children's Picture Book, Peoples, Places and Cultures. Mom's Choice Awards honor excellence in children's media.MChoiceAward|17

"Where is Simon, Sandy?" is available online at Publishing Works, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon. It is also available through your local bookstores, if they don't have it in stock ask them to order it for you! It is also available at The Dragon's Nest Toy Store in Newburyport, MA.

In the Turks and Caicos Islands it is sold in the gift shop of the Turks and Caicos National Museum, The Unicorn Book Store in Providenciales and The Dizzy Donkey at the Grand Turk Carnival Cruise Ship Terminal.

Donna Seim|22Visit Donna's website to learn more about the author and other books she has written.
Illustrated by Susan Spellman; Visit Susan's Website

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Illustrations from Where is Simon, Sandy

Cover WISS|9
These wonderful illustrations by Susan Spellman bring the story to life

Sandy 4|20
Children following Sandy

Sandy last|21
Chilren singing and following Sandy with Simon

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Children helping to fill water buckets. Coloring 3 pdf

Coloring 2|25
Children attaching Sandy to the water cart. Coloring 2 pdf

Coloring 3|26
Simon and Sandy delivering water. Coloring 1 pdf

Coloring 4|27
Simon and Sandy together again. Coloring 4 pdf

Reviews of Where is Simon, Sandy?

"Where is Simon, Sandy? highlights a very important era in our cultural heritage and brings a focus to our beloved donkeys. Ms. Spellman has captured the feel and look of the Islands by marrying various aspects of the architecture, gates, walls and landscape of the Turks & Caicos. The characters, written words and art come together beautifully to convey a truly unique story that will not only entertain the young readers, but also teach them about loyalty, friendship, responsibility and compassion.

In my capacity as Director of Culture for the Turks & Caicos, I can truly say that book projects like this one are a blessing. We need many more books and stories like this to be used in our educational system in order to build a sense of national pride and cultural appreciation among our young readers.”
~David Bowen, Director of Culture, The Turks & Caicos Cultural & Arts Commission

“The simple folktale style of this story includes rapid plot development and descriptive language. Cultural facts are related through the illustrations, which provide insight into island life. The realistic, colorful pictures capture the emotions of the people and donkey.”
~School Library Journal

“I’ve found the perfect winter read: Where is Simon, Sandy? …an engaging yet informative picture book…”
~Danielle Dreger-Babbitt, Seattle Books Examiner

“As modern development slowly erases traces of the Turks & Caicos past, this book can serve as a proud reminder to local children of their country's rich history and folklore. The touching tale is  simply told and beautifully illustrated; Grand Turk visitors will recognize the island's distinctive features on every page. Best of all, the story captures the sweet innocence and camaraderie of life on a small Caribbean island, a feeling that can still be found in many of Grand Turk's dusty corners.”
~Kathy Borsuk, Editor Times of the Islands, The International Magazine of the Turks & Caicos Islands

“Such a lovely tale! There is heartfelt depth here in this simple story of island life. The dutiful donkey Sandy alerts her community to the plight of her master through her loyal behavior, and help is soon on the way. The writing and images perfectly capture the wonderful feeling often found on islands, that of community where everyone feels part of a special extended family, and depending on one another is a natural way of life. Where is Simon, Sandy? is a tale that is sure to enjoy a long life in the hearts of those who hear it.”
~Holly Meade, Children’s book author and illustrator

“…a great read. Where is Simon, Sandy? brought back fond memories of my boyhood days in the islands when children were free to roam and everyone was his brother's keeper. I was especially enthralled by the vivid eye-catching illustrations which I am sure will encourage children of all ages to turn these pages over and over again."
~Honorable Dr. Carlton Mills, Minister of Education, Turks and Caicos Islands

“A Caribbean folktale told for generations by word of mouth, has found a permanent home in children’s literature. Where is Simon, Sandy? . . . is a wonderful tale about loyalty, friendship, responsibility and compassion. Young readers will enjoy learning about the British West Indies as they are reminded about this culture’s rich history. Author, Donna Seim, re-tells this historic folktale and successfully shares the very essence of camaraderie and innocence of life on a small Caribbean Island. Illustrator, Susan Spellman, has filled each page with splendid illustrations that visually enhance the people, places, culture and charm of the . . . Islands. A map that shows where the Turks and Caicos Islands are located is a valuable lesson in geography. Fun facts about donkeys close this folktale and we learn that donkey's are not always stubborn, rather they are loyal and true lifelong companions! It will quickly become a library favorite.”
~ Sara Hassler, Midwest Book Review