Grand Turk Tours

Grand Turk Tours

The museum is housed in the historical Guinep House building.  It has two floors of exhibits which include the following:

  • The Molasses Reef Wreck, it includes a video of the search for the wreck, actual anchor, cannon and other items found from the wreck.
  • Salt Industry - History of the industry on the island with informative videos, pictures and exhibits
  • Artifacts from the Lucayans that features a duho and paddle
  • Jeremiah Murphy & Hardhat helmet diving
  • Grand Turk Lighthouse rotating lens
  • Coral Reef Display
  • John Glenn Space Travel and Navy Army Base
  • Turks & Caicos Original Flag
  • We recommend allowing 45 minutes to an hour to tour the museum but if you are limited on time you can still see a great deal and benefit from a 20-30 minute visit

How to get to the museum from the Grand Turk Cruise Port - Taxis are at the port and it is a 5-10 minute taxi ride to the museum.  Cost is usually $6 per a person one way.  We can call a taxi for you once you are done visiting the museum or taxis are usually available at the shopping area just north of us.  We are located in the same area with restaurants and other shopping options.  Obtaining your own taxi or golf cart gives you the most flexibility in time and options when visiting.  If you book a tour through your ship or on-line with the many local operators, be sure to confirm the amount of time they allow in town or at the  museum.  Many tours only offer 20 minutes or less to visit both the local shops and the museum.  Very few tours include the cost of admission to the museum so please clarify that when booking your tour.

Current tours that we are aware of that allows ample time to visit the museum and cost of museum is included:

How to get to the museum from the hotels on Grand Turk - it is an easy walk or bike ride from all the hotels and house rentals located on the west side of the island.  A 15 minute walk North from Osprey, Salt Raker, Manta House and Turks Head Inne.  

Cost - entry fee is $5 US, children under 6 are free, all TCI residents and supporters get in free.

Gift Shop - the gift shop is free to visit and offers many locally made items including hand made baskets, jewelry, hot sauce, bath salts, candles, and culinary salts.  We also offer other great souvenirs and gifts such as: T-shirts, mugs, hats, note cards, history books, magnets, matted prints, unique bowls & trinket boxes, history books, postcards, TCI flags, pins, stickers, patches and children toys.

Open Hours Vary - Open when Cruise Ships in  - If Ships in between 7am & 8am - Open 9 am to 1 pm.  If Ships in after 9am we open 1 hour after ship arrival for approximately 3 hours. (subject to change without notice)