Caicos Heritage House

The main feature in Providenciales is the Caicos Heritage House.   The complete house is modeled after actual Caico's family homes that existed during the 1800's.   The house includes traditional furnishings and a garden.  Visits were made to North and Middle Caicos and islanders were interviewed so that the house truly replicates a house from that time.  The house brings back memories for many islanders and we hope gives visitors an appreciation of life on the islands.

The garden includes indigenous plants that are artfully arranged with informative signage.  The signage includes the local name, the scientific name and its use.

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A typical Caicos Island house in the 1800s.

Photo copyright Turks & Caicos National Museum.

Caicos Heritage House - The Village at Grace Bay

Caicos Heritage House Photo Credit: Christa Reckhorn